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A process and duty of care that needs to be carried out by anyone that stores fuel.

According to The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulation 2001 these checks should be carried out to prevent any harmful release to the environment.

Fuel tank cleaning

Fuel tank cleaning is essential maintenance for anybody that stores fuel. We carry out a visual inspection of the outer shell of your fuel tank to ensure that there is no damage, rust or seepage. We recommend carrying out a full cleaning and inspection of the inside every three years. This checks the integrity of your fuel storage tanks.

It is important that you use a qualified and competent team of experts to carry out your fuel tank cleaning. Due to the high risk involved, unsuitable equipment or methods may lead to serious injury. Tank cleaning also benefits fuel quality along with the tank life cycle. Keeping your tank clean and dry prevents internal rusting and removes contamination – keeping everything running smoothly.

Tank cleaning FAQ:

When do I need to have my tank cleaned?

If you have storage tanks you should have them inspected every three years. We recommend having the inside cleaned during this time to reduce contamination and deterioration of the tank shell. Poor fuel quality, housekeeping and poor tank design/setups will increase the cleaning cycle.

What does fuel tank cleaning involve?

A team of experts will attend the site to carry out the work. They will remove all fuel and waste products from the tank and clean the tank walls. This is achieved by jet washing or wipe-downs. The waste, sludge and contaminants are then taken away and disposed of. Once completed, fresh, clean fuel can be downloaded into your serviced tank.

When will I need to have my tank cleaned again?

This can vary. It is very much dependent on the type of fuel you are storing, site design and set-up, amount of use, and location. The best-case scenario is every 2.5 years.

How long will it take?

A fuel tank cleaning can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days. Each tank is different and presents its own challenges. We will give an estimate of the time duration after we have attended the site and carried out a survey.

How much does a tank clean cost?

This can vary. We quote each tank after a survey. We base our quote on the time and predicted waste volumes.

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